Apple: Turning Science Fiction to Reality Since 1976

This might come to many readers as a biased post, since I a loyal Apple fan; but can you really blame for that? This week marked an important milestone in the history of Apple with the much awaited announcement and the big reveal of Apple Watch. As a bonus to all the spell-bound Apple followers came the Apply Pay. While smart watches have been in the development phase for many years now and many companies already have some on the market, like the Samsung smart watch, everyone seemed to be waiting what Apple would come up with. It is not a new concept, but the Apple tag on it makes it somewhat special and  more appealing to the masses who may not have seriously considered this option before. Just like tablets were not new when ipad came along, it just took the market by storm and revolutionized the tablet industry. I don’t think I am wrong in saying that the ipods and the ipads have made the things of science fiction a part of real daily life, so much that it is hard to imagine life without them. I often wonder what a person from early to mid 1900s would think if they somehow time travelled to our time period.

We are living in a rapidly evolving world. The evolution of humans, somewhere in the 20th century, seems to have switched from gene mutations to conscious mutation of our lifestyle using our own intellect. We are fast-forwarding to a time when anything and everything can be done with technology. With the advent of wearable technology as in the case of smart watches, life is going to take a couple steps towards getting more connected to the world around us and much more dependent of our gadgets for our day to day activities. Its is also going to render obsolete many things we thought were timeless, time pieces being one of them. Who wouldn’t want a watch that can be a calendar, alarm clock, reminder provider, fitness evaluator, messaging apparatus and a romance enhancer by sending our heart beats to our loved ones? Alright, I am not too sure about the last one, although I think if you have irregular heartbeats it might be good tool to use in collaboration with your cardiologist.

Starting soon, with Apple Pay physical credit cards will also be on their way to be part of the glorious history of humans on earth. I myself am a sceptic of this technology to some extent owing to the recent and some not so recent hacking attacks by malicious people to steal banking and credit card information from banks and stores. While you will have to be much more careful and keep close tabs on your expenses while using facilities like Apple Pay, it sure will be more convenient.

The next step, I would think, would be to transform these gadgets into house and car keys and we’ll have almost everything covered. Soon there will be a day when you just need your phone when you walk out of your house and nothing else. And soon after that, when smart watches take over you might be able to go somewhere empty handed, only with a high-tech watch on your wrist, but still have everything you need at your fingertips, quite literally.


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