Let’s Draw Some Venn Diagrams!

Google Doodle today, August 4th 2014, marks 180th birthday of John Venn, the man who gave us Venn Diagrams (http://www.google.com/doodles/john-venns-180th-birthday). Anyone who has ever taken any course in statistics knows Venn Diagrams, probably as the most interesting thing they learned in the class. For those unaware of this concept, Venn Diagrams are drawn to find commonalities or, in statistical terms, intersection of two more sets.


Even though most of the people may not have used these diagrams in a statistical or scientific environment, they have been used all over the place to come to a common decision. People use them to find common grounds or “meet in the middle” all the time. But it was a great man named John Venn who gave this technique, to pick common entities in various sets, a name and formed a concept so essential to the field of statistics. So let’s take a moment to remember this great guy who gave us this wonderful drawing system to solve statistical problems and personal disputes alike. I, for one, hope John Venn got a special place in heaven for making probability and statistics class somewhat interesting with these wonderful circles.